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We specialize in coding websites and applications on the cloud. We build creative, attractive websites for you to win your target customer. We are also in the Drupal web development space, we give customers easy-to-use interface which enables them to manage their sites in-house if they choose to do so. We offer each of our customers training in the Drupal CMS to ensure that they are comfortable with it before their site goes live.

Get a detailed analysis on your website and how we can improve your conversions. We’ve helped clients save time, generate leads, and improve website conversions. Your business is our passion!

Website Development

Doing it right the first time cost less. With years of experience in website & software development, we deliver. We’ve successfully launched custom websites. Our high quality web design services are backed by our great reviews. Go ahead give it a try, hire one of our HTML/CSS/Javascript/Python developers, web designers, or SEO strategists.

Our specialty is in development

LodgingWise will help non-profits and for-profit companies build websites or do Drupal migrations. We specialize in developing custom content-driven sites and web applications using Drupal.

Secure the domain.

Acquire your domain name as soon as possible. Once the domain name you want is gone, there is a chance that it’s gone forever. With domain hoarding on the rise, your shortlist domain may be very expensive if you wait too long.

Set up hosting and storage.

During the developmental stage, it is a standard practice to code and deploy sites offline, like a localhost or a staging site hosted on another domain. Set up the web hosting and storage options as soon as possible. This is especially important because your web hosting plan will need to be big enough to handle your scripts and the technology that you employ.

Optimize for SEO

Your website will probably only be successful if it is optimized for search engines. Be sure to take into account page speed, analytics as well as proper meta tags and other SEO considerations. We ensure ADA compliance WCAG 2.1 or 2.0 depending on your preference.

Plan out scripts and languages

Depending on the needs of your project, you will need to plan out the scripts and languages that you will employ to code the given project. This also depends on the scripts or languages that you are comfortable with – say, if your JavaScript skills are exemplary, you can rely on JS to get the job, and similarly, if you are an active WordPress or Drupal user, PHP should be your language of choice.

Optimize security settings

Security settings are critical to web development. Without proper security strategy, your website will be vulnerable to hackers and other malicious users. Every day, millions of websites are compromised due to poor security practices — bad file access rules, out of date software, irresponsible handling of content, or even poorly coded websites.

Create an error-handling strategy

Research shows that the best time to collect feedback from a guest, is within 1 - 4 hours of checkout. Our software automatically sends out messages at whatever time you desire. That way you can keep focused on your busy day while we take care of guest requests.